Enable logging in FreePBX 12.0.21 - Asterisk 13.0.2


I would like to enable debug in asterisk because I cant get my IVR working.
I checked in /etc/asterisk/logger.conf but I cant understand this file.

What should I do to enable debug logging ?

Thanks you very much.

What is not working with your IVR?

Hi Alan,
Thanks you very much for your answer.
Sorry for my late answer, I was on vacation.
Happy New Year too! :wink:

Theses are my inbound routes…

This one is my IVR…

When I call to xxx-xxx-1234 or at xxx-xxx-6974, I can hear ringing but the IVR is not played.

Currently, my FreePBX is on test to replace our OOLLLDD TrixBox.
The server have the ip xxx.xx.15.22.
To test it, I change the ip to xxx.xx.15.15.
The tels can download the ios and extension settings from the freepbx.

Do u have an idea why it fucks up ?


[TK]D-Fender answered me on the IRC.
I share his answer with you!

asterisk -vvvvvvr
sip set debug on

It shows many many many logs…