Enable Digium Web GUI with Freepbx?

Is it possible to enable the Digium web gui with freepbx epm? In basefile edit I see they have an option. However basefile edit won’t save the change.

There’s almost zero reason to do that; I can think of one (free file space for custom ringtones), and that’s absolutely it. If the phones are being provisioned by an upstream platform, then the web UI for the phone should be disabled, because you don’t want someone operating on the web UI and creating a bad situation for the phone or the administrator.

I was hoping to be able to adjust transfer settings. The EPM in Freepbx doesn’t have the option that I can find currently. I don’t disagree with you!

You can open a feature request for options that are missing


And background then for the query:
Transfer settings aren’t a global thing and they’re not configurable today from the phone’s web UI. We’re unlikely to make that a settable thing from the phone’s web UI or from the phone’s local UI, as the current method of configuration via behaviors for BLF Items is more flexible and follows our model of wanting the configuration to be server-driven, not endpoint managed.

Server makes sense. However at this time EPM in Freepbx doesn’t offer full configuration of Digium phones. Unlike the Sangoma phones.

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