Enable DHCP Server

Hello Everybody,

Can I able to set up the DCHP server on my Asterisk Server? I really need to set the DCHP on the Asterisk server.
I cannot see it under the asterisk network configuration!! is there a solution to enable the DHCP on the Asterisk Server ??


If you have System Admin Pro, it’s supported directly in the GUI:


noted, its only included on FreePBX CM SysAdmin Pro License.

thanks for visual support.

Even without SysAdmin Pro, you can manually manage DHCP by editing the dnsmasq config files. You’re kind of on your own to do it, but it is possible.

I’m not associated with Sangoma at all, but I’d recommend getting SysAdmin Pro. It’s cheap and it gives you click-and-drool access to many handy features.

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