Empty recordings

My client has set their FreePBX to record every call. I just opened the recordings directory of today and it contains 5667 files of which 471 over 4K. The 4K files seem to be recordings of extensions that do not pickup. This is 92% overhead :slight_smile: Is it possible to record only the call and not the overhead?

Client is using queues in which “Call Recording” is set to “Yes”. Recordings present are like:


This is one of the 4K files:

4.0K -rw-r–r-- 1 asterisk asterisk 60 Nov 7 10:04 q-65-131-20171107-100350-1510045429.340797.WAV

There is actually no way to do this.

So basically deleting “by hand” based on filesize would be the best way to go?

I have in the past used sox to ‘bandreject’ 440 and 480 (US ring tone) and then ‘trim silence’ from both ends. It was pretty succesful

Can you explain some more? Will your solution NOT create empty files?

No, the file will be created but your well constructed “post call recording script” will shrink it to a very small size, you could then remove it if the size is less than N bytes

Thanks, I will look into the post recording script, that will probably already do a lot for me. If I can perform a delete action after every recording, I think I will come a long way!