EMP update from 2.11 to v12 not displaying correctly

Hi Community,

I recently run an upgrade from 2.11 to v12 in the hope that we can slowly moved towards a distro of v14.
As after reading a few forums I see commercial modules are no longer supported on non distro versions.
I now have a problem I would like to sort out before moving to the distro after using the upgrade module.
EPM v12.x.x.x does not display correctly. Basefile management is blank, template line key options are missing at the bottom of the template page with only extension modules options listed. Also the extension mapping page looks abnormal. I have updated all the modules but could also be missing a module that EPM might require. I would appreciate some help if possible as I’m not sure if this could also be a php issue or similar.

Asterisk Ver: 11.17.1
Centos: 6.9
PHP: 5.3.3


12 is not supported and has not been for years. You need to get together to 14.

Script to migrate settings from unsupported versions:


Thanks for the quick reply guys.
Should I attempt to migrate from v12 or roll back to 2.11then migrate. I can remove a snapshot and go back to a system that was running sweet before hand if need be.


Hello there,

I’ve migrated the settings for v12 to v14 and activated the ID on the new PBX but now see that none of the EPM configuration has migrated. All global settings are default, no templates, no base files, no extension mapping ect. There was no issue with the extension routing module though.

Hoping someone might be able to shed some light


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