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I have setup a Ring Group and added our security Team’s extensions in it, and when I call the ring group extension it rings everyone’s phones at the same time like it is supposed to.
However once one person answers the call drops for everyone else, and I am wanting for everyone to be able to answer the call and talk at the same time.
The reason for this request is if there is an emergency I want to call one number and be able to talk to all of our managers all at the same time.
I created an account and gave the account a phone number. I created a Microsoft Teams Group and added that member to the group. When I call from the Teams app on my phone it calls the entire group perfectly, until someone answers. I hope I explained enough the results I am looking for.

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Maybe a paging group?


Unfortunately, ring groups don’t work that way.

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You’re going to have to do something custom with conferencing. Check the commercial Conference Pro module to see if there’s something that can do for you.

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You could use UCP with the conference module, but if you wanted something more hands off, you could create a custom treatment that calls a list of phone numbers stored in a table somewhere, maybe the phone book if you are not comfortable making your own. When they answer, put some “human” check, like press 1 to join the conference, then route them to the conference.

Tie that custom treatment to however you would like to activate it.

Another option as opposed to having a table with dial-able numbers is to make a call file for each number. Your script would move a copy of the call files into the outgoing folder, generating the calls.

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Thank you everyone for your replies.
I have decided to stay with the ring group, since I can call it through Microsoft Teams on our smart phones, and everyone can set a siren for the ringer sound when receiving a call from that number, and they will know to check messages in the Microsoft Teams Group.
I could do it all through Microsoft if I wanted to spend more money for phone system through them.
I do have the conference pro license, and might look into it if I have time, but for now a call group is better than nothing.

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