Emergency announcement requirement

Hi all,

A bit of a weird requirement here, but currently just trying to think of the best solution.

We have a requirement where an emergency dialler is required. We work in a high fire risk environement, therefore as an example:

  • Security dials an emergency feature code e.g. 92
  • Once dialled the feature code dials a group of people (currently internal extensions, but also potentially external numbers) and hangs up their current call (if active) and then plays an annoucement “There is a fire, please evacuate the building” then terminates the call.

Currently thinking the best way would be to trial/ purchase the Broadcast Xact Dialer-Admin Guide and use it for an emergency campaign providing this works with internal extensions and external numbers.

This is the only solution I can think that will work at the moment so posting here in the hope others have any ideas?


I am not sure…you have to check…but what about the paging pro module with a customized announcement file in intercom mode?

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I have tested the paging basic before I buy the module. Looks to work well (providing the pro does give functionality to customise the announcement), however the only problem here is that the phone auto answers.

This would be great, if we could have the destination phones answer the call manually.

To specify:

  • 92 is dialled by extension 1000
  • it then calls 1001, 1002, 1003 until answered
  • Once answered a message is played, then the call is terminated


  • the call does not stay active and create a conference as such.
  • if extension 1001 is already on the phone this is dropped for the priority message/ announcement

Did you activate intercom mode in the paging module? If yes and if you don’t want the phones to answer automatically, you have to set the intercom autoanswer option to no for every phone, I think.
It’s either in the phone config file or in the freePBX extension settings…depends on your phone type…I cannot remember right now :wink:

EDIT: why don’t you use a ringgroup as the target?

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Just bit the bullet and paid for the paging pro rather than test the default module!
Works fine, thanks @Charles_Darwin

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