Embedded DHCP Server

Wich is the simplest/right way to enable and configure DCHP server on a FreePBX machine?
Thanks in advance

I assume you are talking about our distribution? You posted in the wrong forum.

If you are speaking of the distro simply install the dhcp package and configure /etc/dhcpd.conf

A sample file will be installed with the package that you can follow.

Once you have configured your options run ‘service dhcpd start’ command.

Tail the /var/log/messages file to make sure the service started correctly.

If you are provisioning phones don’t forget to set options 66 and 150 and also the ntp setting so the phones sync time to the server.

If you google CentOS and DHCP you will find many articles to help.

Hi SkykingOH.
My question was simply if in FreePBX distro there is any tool that allow to configure easly DHCP server service or is needed to configure the service via command line or webmin.

No, you have to set it up from the command line. Currently nothing within Sysadmin to take are of dhcp.