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I have FreePBX server at my office where i have successfully configure postfix to send emails and working now as expected.

I have another FreePBX system at mylab at home where i applied the same postfix configuration used at FreePBX server at my office but emails didn’t send . When i check the /var/log/maillog , I got the below “Connection time out” message:

Mar 12 08:06:51 freepbx postfix/error[12790]: 15EF51827C737: to=[email protected], relay=none, delay=2993, delays=2993/0.03/0/0.42, dsn=4.4.1, status=deferred (delivery temporarily suspended: connect to[]:25: Connection timed out)

Any thoughts regarding the issue at FreePBX system @ my lab at home which prevents it to send emails in spite of the fact it has same postfix configuration like the system at my office which works successfully as expect?

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You would have to contact the owner of to ask them.

Hi Billsimon
Let me share with you the actions taken by me:

  • The same configuration -using configured at the server at the office and working as expected.
  • At the server at my lab at home , i used more than one domain rather and the issue exist where those domains worked as expected at the server at the office.

It seems there is a missing configuration at the server at home and hopefully someone can catch it.

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Many ‘home’ connections are very restrictive of port 25 usage, check with your provider if they have any restrictions.

Not unless you actually share your configuration details.

Maybe only permits connections from known IP addresses, and your home lab is not known to them.

My suggestion stands to work with that ISP/e-mail provider.

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Hi Dicko
You are totally right . The issue that port 25 is restricted at ADSL connection at my home.

The case that the same ISP provide internet connection to both ADSL at home and ADSL at office but the only difference that ADSL at office has static IP which may be the reason port 25 allowed at office.

Do you have any thoughts for workaround to make things work at the system at my home?

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Good Morning Colleagues
Thanks GOD , There is a solution for this issue.

There is free email solution named “smtp2go” that uses many non standard SMTP ports (ex: 8025) where you can register for free and have free SMTP account.

The have a guide for the configuration of postfix.

It is now working. Thanks GOD

Thanks for trying to help.

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