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Faxing over asterisk works super awesome now. Inbound/Outbound/Using ATAs etc.
My issue is still lack of a missing Email 2 Fax Script. IE

I could explore Hyla/Fax and Avant Fax. And Use their script from 10 years ago. Figuring out bugs, but I still don’t like Avant/Hyla and would prefer to just use asterisk.

VoipInnovations does have mail2fax albeit in a hard to use format and they are using some sort of mail2fax script in the background. I would assume they would be using an asterisk based script. So this can be done by sangoma but has never been made available as an option.

I’ve done this with T38FaxVOIP as well as FusionPBX but not in the format I wanted it to be in.
IE I’ve always had to put something in the subject line to identify where I want to send the call.


Because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t work, for +5years a simple hylafax+ has worked flawlessly about 600 times a day with over 6000 pages to over 60 recipients, the error rate is less than 1% and hylafax will arrange to recouple redials with ongoing faxes both in and out producing one multi-paged document (occasionally multi broken) (I don’t believe the FreePBX system can get close to that)

The Fax/email solution in FreePBX is commercial so implicitly ‘closed source’ as such you can but address your frustrations to them alone.

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Yes, it can be painstaking made to work, and is known to be solid for those people that do go through the effort.

Hylafax is not simple and is basically a zombie at this point.

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You can thank a diligent patent holder for keeping that locked down.


hylafax+ is not Hylafax

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I wrote a simple POC a few years ago. Just updated it to mark it GPLv3 so take it and improve on it.

If you want to get the destination number from the To header instead of the Subject header, it’s pretty easy to see how to do that in the script.


Seventeen years later and still worth a read

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Thanks bill. I think this is exactly what I was looking for. Its been a long while since Ive posted here or helped answer questions but it was much better community response than normal. Thanks guys. @dicko too. I know hylafax…if it works it works…right. I rarely have any fax issues. Error wise. The goal here is carriers and no T38 on your carrier trunks. Resending partial failed faxes is something Ive only seen one other software be able to do but our customers would not be interested in the feature. We can normally get through 50 page faxes just fine. If something 80+ is failing thats on them. Split it up.

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