Email warning notification after portal login

I have received 2 of these emails over the last few days with subject “User Changed” and contents as shown below. I replaced my email address with [email protected]. Any idea if these are legit emails from Sangoma and if so, why am I getting these and how do I resolve. I’m assuming the only place I have a Sangoma account is here on this forum but not entirely sure. Thanks for any feedback on this.

Dear customer,

The following fields were recently changed in your Sangoma account.

If you did not make this change, please contact Sangoma Customer Service

The Sangoma Team

I got one of these too yesterday, it says the email address changed, but it the email is the same as it always was. It appears to be a portal bug, because I get a new one each time I login. I’ve escalated.

To be honest, trying to figure out where or how to even check or resolve this, is well, difficult.

Thanks for your response.

We are getting them after logging in , But what is odd is a customer is getting them from an account thats been dormant for many a year. so unless someone is logging in which is very very unlikely other things maybe afoot


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These email notifications were the result of a portal code change committed on Friday, which has now been reverted. You can safely ignore them.


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