Email & ticket - expiration of module updates

Why does Sangoma create a ticket when one of my freePBX modules expires (updates only)? I understand why Sangoma sends an email, but why the ticket??? I did not contact anyone…

Purely an assumption but you did open that email. It is more likely you would open that email than the “sales” email. I personally have my email in their system so many times from years of development that I filter almost everything

There are two reasons I can think of for this. The first is to track the communication. You could say “Well I never got a renewal notice email” and that could be true. Something could have stopped you from getting it (like going to the SPAM folder). Having it in the ticketing system ensures it doesn’t get “lost”.

The second reason is more about you ignoring or forgetting to renew. Things don’t work and you open a ticket. Well support will see the renewal ticket in your history and see you didnt renew.

Even with the current communications policy, we still hear, “I didn’t get a reminder” all the time. Having reminders come from different directions increases likelihood of it reaching the target. Just ignore it if you don’t need it.

Well it says “thank you for contacting us…”. You could at least change the text, because it suggests that I sent a support email to Sangoma, which I didn’t :wink:

The licensing system opened a ticket on your behalf in the support system. I guess the text could be changed but since this happens daily for 100s, if not 1000s, of deployments I think there were be more complaints from everyone that was confused by the automation.

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