Email Settings

I am trying to fix an issue with SMTP. Using the debug feature. I have been able to send an email to an external domain consistently. I am unable to send email to any of our internal emails though. Any idea of what may be causing this? The error says status=bounced (unknown user: “”) on every email trying to send to an internal email

Nevermind, fixed this. Not sure what had changed to break it but the SMTP settings were trying to send internally rather than using Google. The debug log showed relay=local instead of Fixed this my simply removing the domain from MyDomain.

If you doesn’t mind write here your solution way maybe you gonna help for someone else

+1 A full settings report would be helpful please.

I think commenting out the line mydestination = $myhostname, localhost.$mydomain, localhost inside of the /etc/postfix/ configuration file and restarting postfix with systemctl restart postfix will prevent the system from ever trying to deliver any emails locally (this includes any system messages that regularly are generated and sent to local accounts, like root).

I should also mention that this applies to systems up to V16 that use the Sangoma OS and the builtin Postfix email service.