Email Forwarding

My FreePBX machine is at my house. My ISP doesn’t allow outbound SMTP servers. Whenever FreePBX tries to send me a voicemail notification, it fails. Is there a way to have FreePBX send the email to a gmail server where it can be sent to me? Thanks!

I am actually using FreePBX though.

FreePBX doesn’t send mail directly. Your MTA does, yours is almost certainly postfix.

Ok. I tried looking for a centOS specific guide and found this:

However, the “make hostname.pem” command does not work.

Make sure all pre-requisites are covered, in your case perhaps make is not available?

The last several versions of the FreePBX distro I have installed did not include make. Run “yum -y install make”

There might be a post about this.

Awesome! Thank worked well. Thanks all!