Email configuration with built in SMTP server

I have a recent iso build from this weekend. Set up my extensions, trunks, routes, IVR, recordings etc and seems to be working fine with testing.

My dashboard says I have about 12 emails in the Mail Queue intended to be sent to my gmail address and they have yet to go out. They are probably mostly my backup notices. For backups, warnings, I have put in my gmail address where there was a spot for it.

In SysAdmin set up my email to use the freepbx email server, but maybe I have the host name wrong.
My Hostname: freepbx.sangoma.local
My Origin: freepbx.sangoma.local
My domain: sangoma.local

Any tips on using the built in smtp server to get my emails out?
Thank you.

Is your publically known domain actually sangoma.local?

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No, that is not my publicly known domain.
I do not have a web server on this WAN with a FQDN.
I do have a DDNS third party service running on my windows pc on the same WAN. I will use this instead of my WAN IP address when needed for other windows applications.

Thanks for your reply!

GMail doesn’t normally deliver mail from mail servers (like your PBX) that aren’t correctly identified as MX Hosts in DNS. It also doesn’t allow email from “fake” email addresses. You might be suffering from one of those, or other possible limitations of GMail.

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Happens to be, that i have email setup on only one machine using sysadmin, i always do it manually.

this works for me…

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