Email configuration using AWS - SES

Can any of the items identified with solid orange rectangles prevent sending of email through Amazon Web Services Simple Email Service. Where do I get the values I should use here?

What’s the best setting to use inside the other orange rectangle?

That completely depends on what you have for amazon SES. Those three options can be virtually anything…
For example if SES is only authorized to allow logins for X hostname and X origin, and X domain, then you would put these here. You can leave the default that is there and configure AWS SES to allow login from your location. If AWS SES allows any origin/domain/hostname, then don’t worry about these. Otherwise you will want to check your access restrictions on AWS.

Sorry maybe, I wasn’t very clear here, domain should be the domain of what SES is set up for. For example if you have SES handling mail for then you should use this domain.

As for your final question (which apparently I missed), Require Both should work, if not try Allow Plaintext (I personally haven’t set this up, but I know that AWS SES will not allow anonymous by default nor should it allow disable Security.

Thanks commseasy!

Got it working with this.

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