Email Bounced when sending from FreePBX to Microsoft hosted domain emails

Hi Team, We are facing issue while sending voicemails from our PBX to our email addresses Our emails to from our pbx are bouncing back. Can you please guide us in resolving this matter. Our is hosted on office 365. we are using gmail relay server to send voicemails but mails to other gmail address are delivering fine but not to my personal offical domain email addresses.

  1. You’ll probably need to setup a corresponding SPF record that indicates that you are allowed to send emails from the IP address that your PBX system is sitting at.
  2. You can also setup an email relay in Microsoft 365 using the PBX’s external IP as an authentication method and then inside the postfix configuration file I’d change the relayhost setting and set it to your M365 tenant MX address.

Here are some instructions on how to set up an email relay inside M365. How to set up a multifunction device or application to send emails using Microsoft 365 or Office 365 | Microsoft Learn

You probably want to follow Option 3 for this setup.

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