Email 2 fax using gmail

hi. i do have postfix installed in my system to send all emails through my gmail account. the system is sending only messages.
the same way i handle all incoming faxes.

i would like to send faxes using email to fax approach. i have tried to use gmail to send receive the gmail account, but without success in faxing. is there a guide on how to do that?

As you may or may not know the patent system in the US blows. There is this little company called J2 who has some patents on email2fax and they have some greedy lawyers who sur the pants off of anyone who does anything like this.
Basically no one has publically made this a thing because lawyers

sorry i did not know the legislation about it.
anyway, i will drop the email to fax part and i will ask regarding my system to receive emails.
at the moment it can send only using postfix as smarthost and i have registered my gmail account eg [email protected]
is there a way to be able to send emails to that address eg [email protected] and when the system receives then the system (eg asterisk) will handle it?

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