Elastix to freepbx migration tool test run -- a few issues, possible fixes

I recently did a test run of the FreePBX migration tool from the FreePBX.org website.

My old system is running Elastix 2.5, which is running on top of FreePBX 2.11.10 r17.

I installed the new system using FreePBX-SNG7-FPBX-64bit-1707-1 on a bootable USB key. I had purchased the System Builder Starter Bundle and the Endpoint manager before installing and activating the new system.

The migration went fine. I had to use the -insecure option on the old system (curl --insecure…).

After the install I noticed a few issues that I think I’ve resolved.

The dashboard said I had a number of invalid destinations in my IVR. Turns out voice mail is deactivated for all extensions on the new FreePBX system.

Anyone know how to enable voicemail for multiple extensions at a time?

When I tried to enable voicemail for an extension, I got an error message from the parkpro module – something about parkpro.class.php (sorry, didn’t take a screenshot).

Turns out my parking lot didn’t copy over correctly. I created a new parking lot in the parking application in FreePBX with the same settings as on our old Elastix boxe. After that I was able to turn on voice mail and set a password for an extension without getting the error message.

I then checked my ring groups and my IVR, both of which were using voicemails as destinations, and made sure they were pointed to the correct voicemails. This cleared the bad destinations error in the FreePBX dashboard.

Got a few more things to check and then I hope to do a live migration next week after doing a fresh install of FreePBX onto the new system.

I had a client with a failing Elastix 2.4 system that I wanted to migrate to FreePBX 13 (current at the time).

I manually updated the embedded FreePBX to a higher level so I could run the script.

The script executed fine, but I had similar issues.

All voicemails were disabled.
Parking was not even installed.
The IVR’s were a disaster.
The various XX_XX_custom.conf files I had modified were not brought along.

Overall it was a disaster.

I just manually migrated.