Elastix PBX web interface down


Need help as how to restore the Database file from Linux server as it was mistaken deleted ?

will highly appreciate your response.


Hi, do you have use the module backup?

Thanks for your response.

I was running backups, but the backups was taking the lot of disk space, and had to cancel and delete those backup.

Probably I mistaken deleted the DB folder as well.

Is there a way I can restore those deleted files

hoo, error to do this, your probleme isn’t relation with freepbx or asterisk, if you havent data you can’t restore it.

Hi It is check on the snap shot

PBX is running on the Linux server.

Suite du sujet Elastix SIP channel becomes local channel? :[quote=“SkykingOH, post:2, topic:20912, full:true”]
Asterisk uses a modified version of FreePBX that we don’t support. They have their own support community at elastix.org

Elastix is abandoned and unsupported. Depending on what database is missing, if you are very lucky, it still may be possible that the migration script will still run on the old system: