Elastix --> FreePBX migration complete, a few notes

I’ve successfully used the migration script to move our PBX from Elastix to FreePBX. Yay!

I ran into a couple of minor problems.

My old system was running Elastix 2.5, which was running on top of FreePBX 2.11.10 r17.

I installed the new system using FreePBX-SNG7-FPBX-64bit-1707-1 on a bootable USB key. I had purchased the System Builder Starter Bundle and the Endpoint manager before installing and activating the new system.

At first the FreePBX install wouldn’t accept incoming calls. Turns out Elastix doesn’t require an inbound route; once I created a simple inbound route (connectivity/inbound routes) incoming calls worked.

Then I couldn’t make outgoing calls. I discovered each extension needs to be given permission to use each outbound route: connectivity, outbound routes, choose an outbound route, additional settings tab, move extensions you want to use the outbound route from blocked extensions on the right to allowed extensions on the left.

And paging/intercom didn’t work. We have paging groups for each extension that let you dial that extension and start talking without the other end having to pick up. Worked in Elastix, didn’t work in FreePBX. Took a while to figure this out. Applications, paging and intercom, choose a paging group. Look at “busy page group” – all our paging groups were set to “Valet” – when I changed that setting to “do nothing” intercom paging worked again.

Elastix sets up an “any/any” route for you apparently. I’m pretty sure that’s what FreePBX does as well. It’s possible that the inbound route from the Elastix system didn’t translate correctly.

This has got to be a feature of one of the modules you bought. Standard FreePBX installs don’t have that.

To make sure your observations are translated into possible action, you might want to document them on an Issues ticket. While it’s nice for the regulars here to know, these sound like possible problems that should have reasonably simple solutions (changing the occasional default). Without an Issues ticket, your wisdom could be lost.

Thanks. I’m check on putting this info into an issues ticket – didn’t think of that.

Yes, I’ve got several of the commercial modules installed, which muddied the waters a bit during troubleshooting. I’m thinking I should have started with a generic registered install of FreePBX for my migration and added commercial modules in as needed.

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