Elastix Cluster Nightmare Please Help Urgent

Hi al I am new to clustering after spending a week with elastix support they where able to get drbd and heartbaet working and my cluster is up and runnig, my problem is that I need to update free pbx to get recordings and ring groups working but I do not konw how and Elastix support is more lost than I am. anyone please help.


well… you could try http://yourpbxipaddress/admin/config.php and go right into FreePBX.

However, you leave a whole of info out. Like I have a cluster of X many all fresh Elastix version X… and X number of extensions and so on.

I personally wonder about which parts of configuration you “have” to do from the Elastix GUI and/or can’t you just manage the whole bit from FreePBX ?

I would imagine endpoint and clustering would be some examples of “outside” current FreePBX.