Elastix 2.4: Destination after Busy or Unavailable Extension

How can we handle the calls to Busy or Unavailable Extension, without Voicemail, in order not to loose them at Elastix 2.4 ?

If we call of forward call to a Extension with is Busy or Unavailable, and Voicemail is not enabled, i want to change the destination from hangup to onother (a ring group or queue).

At newer versions we can do that through web interface, but how can we archive that in this version ?

Elastix has been abandoned by the authors and the company that bought it is not interested in supporting it, so the first recommendation is always “Upgrade to pure FreePBX”.

Having said that, there are settings in recent versions of FreePBX that allow you to specify the destination of a call on any of these states. In fact, there are three choices for failure state so you can customize the callers experience. If these options aren’t available to you in Elastix, you may need to upgrade to a more recent version of FreePBX (see answer 1).

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Thanks for the reply !

Yes, i know that Elastix has been abandoned.

I also know that and newer versions of FreePBX there are available the options i want.

The only reason keeping it at this installation is because i have some cards for FXS, FXO, GSM and ISDN, so i am looking to fix that in order not to have to find drivers and configuration again.

I would make the effort and upgrade. You can check here on the forum how and if those cards are supported on a FreePBX Distro install.
Elastix is as dead as it can be. No point sticking to it in my opinion, as sooner or later you would want support again, but you won’t get any.



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So, only suggested way, seems to be the migration.

My only concern is installing the Openvox FXO, FXS, GSM and ISDN cards.

These cant be migrated, right ?

They should work the same as they always have. Elastix is based on Asterisk and FreePBX, so there should be an upgrade path. Remember, DAHDI is a separate and distinct piece of the system that is managed and developed by a completely different group.

All of this is free software, so pulling the working hard drive, dropping in a new one and installing over the weekend might be an interesting exercise for you.

Interesting will be for sure !