Editing Voicemail Options

Is there a way to disable all voicemail options on a mailbox except play messages, previous and next message? I want to disable any changing of the mailbox greetings, deletion of messages, or any other advanced voicemail settings (not just editing the options audio file, I need the mailbox ironclad unchangeable for the user).


These are the options you can change for Comedian Mail :-


After reading, you will see your problems :-

  • To prevent {exten}'s changing their messages , you can set all /var/spool/asterisk/voice/mail/{context}/{exten}/. files as ‘immutable’.

  • Messing with files deeper than this will break stuff, so you can’t easily prevent ‘deletions’ but you can CYA by 'backupdelete’s from any of your ‘malcontents’ who are are trying to hide them from you.

I might suggest your underlying problem is in fact HR and not VM :wink:

Thanks, I’ve seen that posted and looked through it but didn’t see the settings I was hoping to change.

As far as the problem I’m solving is just an unconventional use of FreePBX. I have stuffed a raspberry pi zero and an ATA inside an old rotary phone to make a single player game/interactive story experience using IVRs and voicemail clues to reach the end of the adventure. I want players to solve clues to gain access to mailboxes but don’t want them to have the option of deleting any messages or changing the greetings which contain the story and clues.

I have thought of just doing an automated system backup/restore that will set the system/game back to default.

Then as suggested,

chattr -R +i /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/

makes everything in that directory ‘un-changeable’

That’s perfect! Thanks!

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