Editing replies


Either I cant see it or it is not there. I can not find a button to edit my reply on a post. Should’n be there one?

EDIT: I can edit my posts but not my replies. For example, on this post I cant edit it.

Thank you

Same problem here, I accidentally double replied (I was interupted and too many browsers were open) and now I cannot edit (or delete) one of my replies. I believe the edit button use to be an option on replies before the FreePBX website makeover.

The exact method that is used changes from one forum to the next, but every forum has a specific guideline for being able to edit posts and threads. Most websites will allow you to make changes to the threads that you post yourself, but they will restrict your ability to edit responses in other posts. For the most part there is a general time frame in which you must return in order to have access to make edits. I am not sure about this forum, but the typical time frame is between 15 and 30 minutes. Most threads can be edited for as long as they are on the forum.

Certain users have abused their right to edit posts in the past and therefore the whole editing system has been turned off. In the future we will be looking at a completely different forum system and at that time editing will be enabled again.