Editing Menu Via freepbx_menu.conf

I am editing the Menu via freepbx_menu.conf on freePBX beta2.7.

I have found the menu item “name” for all but few sections by referencing the urls that they go to. config.php?display=bulkdids “bulkdids” as an example.

is there a list somewhere of all of the menu name vales. I can not find the value for module admin page as well as the asterisk logfile settings menu items

also on a side note the sort values do not seem to be affecting anything. Not sure it it is a beta thing or if there is something I can adjust.

from what I have read it goes from 9 to -9 but cant seem to adjust anything

Found a list when adding a new Admin user. Inspected element on the Admin Access panel and found the complete list there.

so looks like I got the one but the other value for the admin modules does not see to work. open to suggestions