Editing FollowMe Outside of the GUI

I have 200 accounts that I maintain follow me settings for and would like to edit their configuration from my own access database. Typically I have been able to edit the asterisk DB and make changes. I then make no changes to an extension submit it then FreePBX gives me the beloved ‘Apply Configuration’ box. When I edit the grplist on the followme table and follow these steps, everything rolls back to the way it was before I changed the grplist field. When I make the change in FreePBX it updates the table which leads me to believe that I am not changing things in all the right places. All I am trying to do is edit the extension at which the followme settings ring.

Any Ideas?


Adam Ray

although the grplist field has a copy of the the settings, the real authority is maintained in the users Astdb AMPUSER object. Those are the authoritative settings. (It is even likely that the grplist field in SQL will go away.