Editing feature codes and *xx

I Did see the post concerning conflicting codes in a Linksys/sip device, which helped me figure something else out.
What is the best approach to editing the values on the device?

For instance the SPA-3102 uses *77 to block last caller, freepbx uses that for recording. Rather than change freepbx i would prefer to change the SPA-3102. Do I leave the selection blank? I know this is the problem for issues like call recording, transfers and a number of other feature codes.

Any suggestions?

Yes, in the LInksys web interface, blank out the *77 etc. (and Submit changes) In fact, you should blank out other features that you know you will not use, because several conflict with FreePBX vs LinkSys.

See here

If you’ve got more than 5 phones, you might want to keep the FreePBX features codes and blank out the Linksys codes, as maintaining and troubleshooting becomes more complicated if the PBX is slaved to the phones, instead of the other way around.

Personally, I always use the feature codes in FreePBX, and put ([x#*].) in the Dial Plan of the Linksys phones, which passes all digits to the PABX. Since then, my troubleshooting of Linksys phones has dropped by 98%