Editing extensions into a backup

Having a backup tgz file, can I edit extensions (mostly removing unwanted ones) before issuing the restore ?
Thank you.

Nobody ?
That’s what I’ve done :

Unpacked .tgz backup file
Edited mysql-3.sql file, removing a bunch of extensions related rows
Re-packed .tgz file
Run restore

Ended with the same machine as before , less the unwanted extensions.

Now, I haven’t the knowledge to know if this is ok , or just a lucky attempt that can breaks something…

I believe that nothing is broken.
A simpler approach is to do a bulk export, delete the unwanted rows in Excel and bulk import the edited .csv .

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Of course, it’s just an exercise to know if it’s doable to produce a backup file that can be restored without any further config manipulation.

One could extract the files from the .gz tar file, import the mysql tables including filestore into a mysql host, run DELETE queries as approproprate, then export the purged databases and repack them with the CEL and CDR tables similarly purged , the voice mail files and the sundry audio and spool files back into a new .gz tar file.

I can’t think of anyONE actually doing that though :wink: