Editing anything in User Management completely FREEZES entire PBXAct 25

Just received my brand new Sangoma PBXAct UC 25.
When I go to Modules>User Management and try to edit any of the rows, under users/groups/directories, the ENTIRE system completely FREEZES. By this I mean that the web UI gets stuck on reloading, then times out. When I try to go to the IP of the server again, it loads infinitely then times out. Also can’t connect to ssh anymore after this, and if I try to send any commands to existing ssh connection, the commands all fail as ‘unreachable’. The only solution is to PHYSICALLY unplug and plug back in the system. Since the ENTIRE system freezes, including ssh and web UI, I can’t resolve it any other way right now.
How to fix this?? All I am trying to do is edit users/groups and this is infuriating. Again, this is a brand new system without anything radical at all. Thanks

Ensure module and system updates are all done and if the problem persists open a ticket. Your PBXact POMPS includes support for this:

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