Editing an Agent/Extension Name

I am trying to edit an agent’s name since we have a new name for that particular extension. I have looked in the “agents.conf” and “extensions.conf” files but there is nothing there for agent specific names and extensions. I even looked in the database and cannot find these settings there.

Where do I make this setup? I need to be able to see the new name on the Flash Panel and QueueMetrics.

Please help.



Turns out to be the /usr/local/fop2/buttons.cfg file :slight_smile:

He has a FreePBX module for FOP2 that takes care of all that.

We made the change on the Elastix GUI “PBX tab” -> “Extension on top left side” -> “select the agent and change the name there”.

I noticed another problem…when this agent logs out of the phone, the old name for that extension is displayed on the FOP2 panel. What other other configuration file do we need to change? This is purely ridiculous. The agent information should ONLY be setup in one file!

Please help.

Purely ridiculous? Your expectations are the only thing I find ridiculous.

You did not mention you are running Elastix, nobody ever does, they use an older modified version of FreePBX.

FOP2 is a third party program that is not integrated with the FreePBX project.

Your expectation for FOP2 is to display the name of the user logged into the extension. FOP2 doesn’t even know about devices and users.

Lastly, if you did some research you would have found that the device and user mode is on the way out in favor of Asterisk 12 multiple registrations.

I did not ask for your anger nonsense. I just mentioned I am using Elastix (yes I mentioned it above) and need some help with the configuration of the agent name. And the setup with all these tools is not simple as it should be.

And you did not answer my question, so I am not sure what are you trying say in retrospect to my question.

The questions is: How do I change the agent name, so it is displayed on FOP2 when there are logged in and logged out?

The answer is ‘we do not support elastix or fop’, this is the FreePBX support forum and as Scott said the above two don’t fit here, you should go to their forums for support.

I answered your question, no anger at all.

In addition to the technical info I tried to clear up where the packages came from.