Edit voicemail greeting

Using FreePBX v15. We have a Time Condition which sends calls to extension 800 for holidays or out of hours. I would like to edit the greeting message, which we set up using version 14 and I now cannot find how it should be done. Many apologies, I suspect I must be missing something obvious. Admin > System Recordings has no entries.

Are you sure that there’s no system recordings? Make sure that the search field is empty.

If the call is just being handled by extension 800 voicemail, then you can access the vm settings box by dialing *98. Alternatively, you can login to UCP as user 800 and modify vm settings there.

Many thanks. There are no system recordings and the search box has nothing in it.

I would love use UCP for this, but how do I log in when 800 isn’t a user? Or do I need to add 800 as a user first?

Whatever user you’re logging into UCP with will need access granted to the mailbox in question. You can grant access to additional mailboxes in User Managhement → edit user->UCP tab->Voicemail tab

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