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Silly question that I believe I already know the answer to, but we host many clients, some of whom have many extensions. Often times they change employees. If there any variables we can use on User Management to grab the info from the extension? Example:

Extension 5503 belongs to Fred. Fred gets fired. The HR person asks me to change the name to the new employee. Bob. I have to rename all the pertinent info for his extension. But I also have to duplicate my efforts in the User Management section. But wait, there’s more. I have to also change it in Endpoint manager (I already assumed there was no solution to that too)

Just sounds like it would be beneficial to have a variable that gets edited once, and inserted. Thanks

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There are EPM variables you can use when programming buttons and such, but nothing like what you’re describing.

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When you say there are EPM variables, is there a list? I cant find any. Thanks Lorne

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Ok thanks. I knew of that one, I wasn’t sure if you meant something like a %displayname% variable or something

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