When calling out from a VoIP phone via a SIP trunk I will hear myself. The receiving end is an analog line and they don’t complain of echo. Is there a setting in Asterisk that I need to change? ULaw followed by ALaw is the preferred order. I’m making the call within Canada.
Thanks in advance for any help.

Not nearly enough info here.

Thanks for the response. What type of info do I need to submit?

Everything appropriate about how the box came abkut. Read the other posts here and you will see what is often missing. No of us are mind readers.

Thanks, dicko, for your responses. Perhaps someone else in the forum can shed some light on the subject. If there is specific information that I need to provide, I will be happy to provide it, however, I too am not a mind reader.

and apparently not much of a “reader” either :wink: