Easy way to contribute, Review pull requests

Do you know PHP?
Do you want to be “that guy” (gal)?
Do you have a github?

As they slowly push things to github there is a cool feature to see all open pull requests for FreePBX. I encourage people to start doing code reviews. If you want to get in to development this may also be a good way to learn the plumbing of FreePBX.

There were ways to do this on Bitbucket but Atlassian products are :poop:. In any case much of what is there now is contributed and I don’t know how they are going to handle those. In any case I think it may be good for the project to have more people helping vet the code.

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My recommendation will be to clean slate everything for pull requests. Pull requests going forward will need to be under the new unified contributor license agreement (there is a single CLA for all open source at Sangoma, meaning you sign it once and you can contribute to either Asterisk or FreePBX without signing again, and it is instantly accepted).

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