Easy SMS for FreePBX?

Hey friends, looking around here on and Google for some simple freepbx-sms solutions, perhaps something that can be used through the user console. Any suggestions? I thought I a couple of the integration’s on GitHub, but wondering if anyone has had any personal experience with such a solution? How did it work out and was it complex install?

If you are in the USA, or intend to send messages to the USA, be aware that you will need to register under the US 10DLC rules. Apparently texts from VoIP systems are treated as automated, even when individually manually keyed.

Because of the methods used to send and receive from the providers. It requires APIs which makes it A2P which is DLC.

Can someone translate this to plain English please.

In order to send SMS from a phone system you need to use an API (Application Programming Interface), in other words, a way for two computer programs of different types to talk to each other.

Since you must use an API, which is often used in automated tasks that run between systems on their own (not requiring human interaction) they fall under the DLC rules in the US which govern business sms to customers.

Thanks James, I’ll have a look as soon as possible.

I wonder if SMS gateways, such as hardware gate, using a cell network is still part of this 10DLC thing. I ask as I need a plan B as It was very time consuming for me work with Twilio here.

I wonder if the Git platform is double-taring these archives s I get an error when I try to download and untar the file.?

You have to write the code to bridge a cellphone to FreePBX but technically yes that bypasses the 10dlc thing but probably violates your carrier terms of service somewhere. Basically doing such a thing would be FAAFO ( Test that assumption at your earliest convenience)

You can pick up a hardware SMS Gateway for under $1000. It connects to a cellular network for transmission and management of SMS. I don’t believe cell service falls under 10DLC.

A 4G/LTE or 5G gateway? Remember, Canada/US has pretty much retired GSM and CDMA.

Follow the instructions on the page’s README to install the module with fwconsole. Do not untar the package.


We are currently in the process of rolling out a DID+SMS phone solution service based on FreePBX; we are in the beta tester stage but all looks great. We use VOIP.ms and the OpenSource SMS Connector Module see here: New open source SMS Connector module)

Currently it is working great when using the UCP and the Sangoma Talk App (Mobile or Desktop client.) We have only tested within Canada however VOIP>ms is promoting it will work in the USA. The SMS Connector does require API credentials from the Voip.ms account. The Install was very simple and it looks like others have contributed to the project and now supports multiple SIP vendors other then VOIP.ms.

If you are interested, I am happy to share how things are working for us.

Honestly, VoIP.ms isn’t following 10DLC compliancy when US to US or Canada to US based on what I have seen. I’ve tried to clarify things from them but the people I spoke didn’t seem to know about Person-to-Person exemptions that are needed for a provider like VoIP.ms and they only think that a business entity needs to register not personal accounts. This is 100% completely wrong.

VoIP.ms would need to have a P2P exemption for personal usage plus have 10DLC compliancy to do what they are doing for businesses. Even then P2P cannot use an API between the user/provider and it cannot do automated tasks, by VoIP.ms offering an API and access to every user on their platform they are violating how 10DLC works and should be handled.

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