Easy IVR

Ok so I have a really simple question about IVR. Its been a while since I played around with it so I forgot exactly how to set it up.

Currently when calls come in a greeting is played asking for the extension of the party your trying to reach, I can enter the extension, and it connects fine, but after about 10 seconds the system hangs up. Seems like I am missing an action in the IVR, but for the life of me I cannot remember what.

So currently its set up as follows,

Timeout 10
Enable Directory NO
Directory Context DEFAULT
Enable Direct Dial ENABLED
Loop Before t-dest ENABLED
Loop Before i-dest ENABLED
Repeat Loops 2
Announcement “thank you for calling”

  1. Extensions: 500
    Return to IVR DISABLED (tried this enabled as well)
    Also tried with added option 2, hangup and or return to IVR.

Seems like no matter what I set it always connects the call then spawns hang up

Now if I bypass the IVR and have calls go directly to an extension that works fine.

So my guess is I totally do not understand the flow of the IVR even in its simplest form.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Look for the little shaded out box to the left below the return to IVR. The option number, extension, t, i etc… must be in that box for it to work. The reason you get hungup after ten seconds is that is the default action if no entry is received for the IVR.
If you look int he section menu to the left go to documentation -> module documentation -> IVR for some great help.

Good luck, I can help further if you need it,