Easy Install

downloaded the latest stable Easy Install ISO.

Instructions suggest that the ISO can be burned to a CD.

Windows burner ---- says the file is too large to fit on a CD.

Computer I was gonna install on does not have a DVD.

Can someone verify this?

How big is the file you are trying to burn?

The web page for the distro download says to burn it to a CD. I would guess that those instructions are a little outdated and geared to the older net install that FreePBX used.

If you download the full distro I do not think it will fit on a CD.

If you download the net install it will fit on a CD but you will have to have internet connection to get all the required files.

Check this link for all the ISO versions


Make sure you are using a 700 Mbyte blank, as I recall it does not fit on smaller capacity discs.

I am having the same issue with both 32bit and 64bit ISO. I am using 80min 700MB CD. You cannot even use DVD because ISO was created for CD.

You need to use a DVD… Its now over 700MB

You certainly can burn to a DVD, do it every day.

The USB key is an option.

If the computer doesn’t support booting off USB I really question if it isn’t too old to be in service.

I wrote the .iso to the dvd but had no luck in installing to my computer.
Then I put the .img on the USB drive and booted it but it gives me an error that “bootmgr is missing. press ctrl+slt+del to restart” I read a couple of forums on the internet and thought to install a fresh XP-sp3. After the fresh install I tried to boot with the USB and the same error.

  1. When we write the .iso to the DVD do we need to make it a bootable disk? (which i tried using imgBurn software and getting the necessary files from allbootdisks.com but no luck.

  2. I used the instructions on microsoft site to repair the windows eg. bootcfg, fixboot, fixmbr etc. but no luck.

  3. Is there any other way?

Spent all day no breakfast no lunch figuring how to get this done but no luck. Any help will be appreciated.

Installing Windows was a waste of time. The FreePBX install will overwrite your hard drive

You don’t have to make the disk bootable, the boot track is part of the ISO and will be copied to the DVD.

Not familiar with imgBurn but ultraISO works great, just right click on iso and then burn to disk.

Tried that also and no luck… seems like its cursed…

You do realize you don’t install FreePBX from within windows? You make your DVD drive the first in your boot order then reboot your computer. Again, FreePBX will overwrite the filesystem on the drive you install two. If you have two drives it will turn them into a RAID. This is a complete server OS and phone system.

Do you have any Linux knowledge?

Yes I am aware of all that. I dont have any knowledge of Linux. Thats where learning part comes :wink:
I have seen many companies that offer DIDs and IVR and PBX systems and you can use them for free. There is no need to do all this and maintain the hardware. The only thing i am not able to find in these companies is that there is no option for personal music on hold. Eg. When someone calls the 800 number and IVR picks up the call. The caller hears “Welcome to bla bla… For Sales press 1” When the customer holds the line all he hears is a generic music. I want to put personal messages while the cuatomer is on hold rather than generic hold music.

Does anyone know any company?

And by the way… i got it to boot and its installed now. I am stuck at the part where in linux command ypu type ifconfig and get your IP address and then go to a different computer’s browser and type that IP and then go ahead. This is how its said in the installation video. I am able to get the IP and its but when i go to a different cimputer in the same domain/network nothing opens up.

Also, the companies I mentioned in the post before where I said are free, are not acfually free. You have to pay a small fee everymonth + you have to buy DId from them + minutes. Just wanted to mention that here so that someone dont Get boggled on google looking for free :slight_smile:

So, if anyone know any company with pursonalisef music on hold and not generic please do let me know. Thanks

I am very aware of hosted systems, my company was one of the first to offer hosted FreePBX. Before virtualization we were doing it on blade servers.

Anyway. Not sure why you can’t pull up web interface. You should not have had to type ifconfig. The IP address is in the login banner.

Can you ping the server from the other computer? Did the install finish?

I assume you used our distribution, downloaded from FreePBXdistro.org (or a link on this site)? Not sure what video you are watching, so many out there.

You are almost there.

You can see if the web server is running by entering ‘service httpd status’ from the command line’ You can also enter ‘amportal restart’ to make sure that FreePBX and Asterisk will start/stop OK? Don’t enter the quotes.

Tried all your options given and still not able to get the webinterface. Just like before will get it.
Its good to know that you were first to offer hosted systems. Do you know any hosted company that provides personalized Music on Hold music/messages.


You say you did all my suggestions but you didn’t post the output.

Again :

1 - Can you ping from the host your are trying to browse from the the FreePBX box

2 - What happens when you do an amportal restart

3 - What is the status of the service httpd status

4 - What is the output of ls /var/www/html/admin

5 - Try turning off the firewall ‘service iptables stop’

Lastly, my company provides hosted PBX, you can use every feature including custom Music on Hold. Click on my username and send me a private message if you want info. Also what country you are in.