Easiest way to use Inbound termination + Trixbox?

Hi all,

I am trying to set up a small VoIP network in a corporate environment.

I have installed Trixbox “out of the box” with minimal configuration.

I’m looking to set up at least one tel number that can be dialled from outside, allowing the call initiator to speak to anyone on our VoIP network.

Having spoken to Gradwell (I understand they are highly recommended), they suggest I need the following service:

UK Phone Numbers - Inbound termination (IAX2 or SIP).

They think that I require IAX but it looks like Trixbox defaults to SIP unless I have that wrong?

Firstly, would you suggest I remain on SIP or go to IAX2 and is that easy to do?

Secondly, Gradwell are looking for me to provide them with an IP address. Would anyone know how to go from an “out of the box” config of mine to the above solution in the easiest manner possible?

I understand that I should look into more detail about the various options but you should understand that my remit is a very basic and cheap working solution. It need not have any redundancy nor is there a requirement for continual administration or administrator knowledge.

I’m simply wishing to go from point A to point B in the quickest and easiest manner :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, Gradwell say they cannot advise me on the above (so much for customer service!) so I kindly ask for any assistance, or even recommendations for better companies!

Many Thanks

IAX is better than sip

your ip is the wan ip you get from your broadband provider

http://checkip.dyndns.org/ will tell you your ip addy