EAS, CAP, NWS alerts via SIP?

Has anyone integrated EAS alerts in their VoIP system that broadcast alerts via paging? Trying to find a way to relay EAS alerts (weather warnings, etc) via our FreePBX, capturing the EAS audio, dialing a paging group and replay the captured audio.

How are these delivered to you? via phone call?

On a side note, my personal experience with these things is I hate them. My cell phone goes off at 3am for an amber alert 3 counties away. In Arizona this is hundreds of miles. Note we don’t have hurricanes, earthquakes etc so the EAS is less important for us typically.

The local municipality does offer phone calls for some events (tornado, evacuations, etc). I’m setting up a DID for those calls if they come from a specific caller id to route directly to the page all group but i’m trying to find a way to incorporate CAP messages delivered via IP or over-the-air with a CAP decoder.