Early media playback (i.e. not in service announcements)

I am running Asterisk on the lastest stable distro.

My DIDs come in on trunk “A” and then go out on trunk “B” to the end user. Everything works ok EXCEPT when the end user forwards his calls to a number that’s not in service as Asterisk does not pass through the early media “not in service” recording.

I have read on the various progressinband and prematuremedia settings and already spent many hours on this but I can’t get it to work. Can anyone PLEASE tell me the correct settings on both trunks to pass through early media.

You can’t guarantee early media on any voip trunk, you can merely offer it, if accepted it might be honored. As a corollary you need to be in a position to similarly accept it honorably and respond to it reasonably. Best practice is not to rely on it and just go with SIP signaling. Maybe :-


will help.

Can you give me the proper settings please? That way I can at least try. My user wants it.

Basically they are concerned about call forwarding their DIDs by mistake to an “out of service” number and then callers only hear the fake ringback instead of the “out of service” recording so they don’t know something is wrong.

From what I see you are trying to do, maybe it would be easier for you to use a real SIP proxy behind your Asterisk PBX, they tend to handle that sort of situation better as they are designed to do that, Asterisk is still just a B2BUA and has limited abilities here.

Yes but aren’t there some Asterisk settings to enable/disable early media like
progressinband = yes, no, never
prematuremedia = yes, no

How should they be used if at all?

I think you will find that due to the way FreePBX works, you will have to mostly change answer() to progress() and then re-write the logic following when and where-ever you need to process early media as you describe your wants. Maybe it is easier than that, but I again suggest that trying to make Asterisk a proxy is going to be frustrating, if at all possible. Anyway good-luck and keep us informed as to your progress.

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[quote]Anyways it’s not the size that counts but how you use…

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