E911 Outbound Route Problem using gv911.com

Hello! I’m confounded by setting up a working route for E911 on my Freepbx/Obi202 system. I’ve configured 3 gv trunks and outbound routes, and a single extension line attached to Line 1 of the obi202, according to notes found posted by twosortoftechguys. It’s a great aid for Obi device users with freepbx.

I’ve subscribed to gv911com, and tried their configuration, replacing with this string on the obi202 at ITSP Profile A/DigitMap:

I’ve added an Emergency enabled outbound route on Freepbx at the top of the list with 911 and 922 entries, along with 911, 922 entries with trunk-specific prepends (**1, etc.).

These steps didn’t work, causing only CONGESTION errors on the pbx extensions, and a busy signal on Line 1 of the obi202.

I found other notes on this problem suggesting creation of User Defined DigitMaps on the obi202 , so tried it with these:

Name is: gvTestE911 String is: (<922S0:14242798235>)
Name is: gv911E911 String is: (<911S0:14242798234>) (these are the test and 911 relay numbers from the service)

…and then, according to those notes added this in front of the string at Physical Interfaces/Phone1 Port/OutboundCallRoute: (!Particularly note the ‘M’ when added to the DigitMap name!)


…making the entry this, in full:


!! The above changes on the Obi202 did enable a good 922 test from gv911, BUT ONLY ON THE OBI PHONE LINE !!

The 922 test now results in a BUSY instead of CONGESTION from the other Freepbx extensions.

I’m pretty sure my problem is in my Freepbx Outbound Routes somehow, but I haven’t a clue what. Any guidance would be VERY appreciated, and once solved I intend to write this up as a tech blog post on the subject for others using the same set up. It’s a frustrating problem… Thanks again for any assistance!

We would need to see call logs of these failed calls to determine if this was an outbound route issue or not.

Just for the record, gv911.com really isn’t a viable solution for PBX admins as it doesn’t comply to the new 911 laws. If this is for personal use, you might skirt by despite the laws applying to any PBX in production/use. If this is for a business, this is the wrong 911 solution.

Thanks for replying. I’m aware that gv911 is minimal coverage, but the PBX is non-commercial for personal home use, and this solution would serve our purposes if we succeed.

I will post some call logs, but it may be a day before I’m able to. Had to travel suddenly this morning.

Again, thanks for chiming in.

Ok, as it turned out there’s no need to deep dive the call log.

While the notes for the obi202 settings in my first query are helpful and significant to enable 911 dialing on the obi202 line phones, they have no effect on dialing the freepbx extensions. The problem was my freepbx outbound route dialing pattern entries were wrong.

Those only require the phone number of the gv911 forwarding service (14242798234) be added as a prepend in the freebpx 911 outbound route dialing pattern, with 911 entered as the prefix. No other entries are needed on that line.

Also make a second dialing plan entry for the gv911 test number (14242798235), with that as the prepend, and 922 for the prefix. Again, no other entries needed on that line. Be sure general route settings are correct.

I made no other dialing pattern entries, and it seems to work just fine.

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