Dynamic Routes Question - Transfer Caller

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My goal is to have a dynamic route that collects two digits from the caller, then suffixes them on to a static 8-digit number, then sends the caller to that 10-digit local extension. Kind of like a directory.

So caller goes to dynamic route > Caller enters 55 > Caller routes to extension 111.111.1155

The question is that I am trying to do this in the GUI 100% and avoid a custom destination/context. Is there a way to do this, with an asterisk command or some other option? If not, I can send it to a custom destination to do what I need it to do. Thanks!

Can be done by creating a dynroute that prompts for the user input and saves the input to variable named, user_input. Then set default dest to a custom destination. The custom dest would have a target of

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@lgaetz, Dynamic Routes :crown:

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