Dynamic Route > Number > External Numbers

I have an extension with a follow me redirection to a dynamic route. All internal and external calls to that number get redirected.

I use the dynamic route module to route the calls depending on the number to different destination extensions. To do this, I have set dynamic route to asterisk variable and use [NUMBER] to get the calling number.

This works fine for internal numbers. But external numbers don’t work.
I have tried different number formats.

0777 is the dialling code and 123123123 the phone number.
I am in Germany, so the country code is +49.

I tried the following:
00777 123123123
+490777 123123123
+49777 123123123
0777 123123123
777 123123123

Is there another format I did not mention, or do I have to use a completely other variable?
I tried DID, but that did not work, even for internal numbers.
Or is this even not possible with dynamic routes and I have to go another way :slight_smile:

Thanks Stephan

The variable ‘NUMBER’ seems to be fine here. Check on the asterisk logs when making a test call to see the process of the Dyn Route. It will give you an idea on what Asterisk is seeing as the NUMBER and what you filter might be doing with it.

Thanks for your answer.

It was a layer 8 error… I routed the inbound route direct to the following destination and not to the dynamic route.

So [NUMBER] works fine with internal xxx or external 00xxyyyyzzzzzz like 0049621123123123 phone numbers.

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