Dynamic Member - Queue

there are limits to insert dynamic member after latest upgrade ?

If i try to insert 80 members,this is the error

WARNING[31433]: manager.c:7180 get_input: Discarding message from Line too long: dynamicMembers:

no new member are saved in mysql sangomartapi_call_queue_members

From an Asterisk perspective there has been no changes to the logic or maximum that the warning refers to. 1024 is the maximum for a single line in manager.

it’s strange, there’s something wrong, if I add more than 100 agents the error appears and they are not saved in mysql, although they then appear in the freepbx Gui

in fact the problem is not so much with freepbx as with sangoma phone, that is, if you insert more than 800-100 operators as dynamic members of a queue, they are not saved in the sangomartapi_call_queue_members table so sangoma Phone does not show them in queue management

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