DYNAMIC_FEATURES => press *3 incall

i would like to get DYNAMIC_FEATURES to work such that pressing *3 during a call will run code ie dialplan code from one of the .conf files.

what i am actually after is n-way calling, in call door operation etc etc and there are several apparent examples of how to do this, but i cannot test them as i cannot get the initial *3 to be recognised incall.

suggestions relate to features_applicationmap_custom.conf, [applicationmap] and so on - but non seem to work for me.

so, does anyone know how configure pressing *3 incall triggers a dialplan?

PBXiaF Green, *11, FPBX 2.11
(originally posted in PBXiaF with no results)

First off, do your other “In-Call” DTMF work?

by default:-

In-Call Asterisk Attended Transfer *2
In-Call Asterisk Blind Transfer ##
In-Call Asterisk Disconnect Code **
In-Call Asterisk Toggle Call Recording *1

Yes they do - should’ve thought to include that :slight_smile:


Then you need to have


in your extensions [globals] and map it to a dtmf code in your [featuremap] and the application in your [featuremap] as interpreted by /etc/asterisk/features.conf

That second [featuremap] sjould be [applicationmap],

(It’s a shame we can’t edit our posts anymore ;-( )

That second [featuremap] should be [applicationmap],

(It’s still a shame we can’t edit our posts anymore ;-( )

Brilliant - thanks for your comments which on my system translate into a working solution as follows:-

Dial *3 during a call to run the macro incall3, and then return to the original call




exten => s,1,NoOp(InCall3)

thanks :slight_smile:

Glad you got it, your [macro-incall3] looks a little sparse though.

[macro-incall3] = Work in progress (in other words it doesn’t work - yet :slight_smile:

but at least i can now test it

thanks again