Dynamic Caller ID for Queue Callback based on Queue and multilingual callback issue

I just purchased the VQ plus module, primarily to make use of the Queue callback feature.

I was hoping to be able to make use of 1 callback IVR for multiple queues, however I stumbled upon an issue with outbound CID that is show to the caller when the callback is triggered.

I want a different CID for each queue, I’m seeking ideas on how to accomplish this without having to create a separate IVR/Callback entry for each queue.

Another issue I have is that we are multilingual, the flow works well with the suers language up to the actual callback where the announcement says “Press 1 to accept 2 to decline” we would anyways like to customize that message to be less generic, but how can how return the call in the language it was requested?

I do not believe the application can do what you are wanting it to do. You can look at purchasing other call back systems from a 3rd party, or you could look at creating (or hiring someone to create) something custom, in dial plan.

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