Dynamic agents list in database

Hi All,
Anyone help me to find out where we will get the dynamic agents list in database.
static agents I can find in queue_details table in freepbx asterisk database, in the same way where dynamic agents will be saved in DB?

Have you enabled persistent queue members? If not, they are only held in RAM. If you have, they will be in astdb, not the FreePBX schema, and there won’t be a supported API.

Sorry, what you mean by persistent queue members. is there any way to store dynamic agents in DB whenever we are adding from GUI.

My quick skim suggests that FreePBX controls this option, then leaves Asterisk to handle the persistence.

i do a asterisk -rx “database show Qpenalty $i/agents” | cut -f5 -d/ |cut -f1 -d ’ ’ To get them.

Where $i is the queue I want to get.

Where the astdb will be located.

I assume that FreePBX keeps it in the standard place, which is contained in the error message, in this posting:

It isn’t intended to be written to by anything other than Asterisk. and I don’t think its schema is part of the official API.

Further it is not multiuser safe, you cannot even safely read from it without Asterisk occasionally not releasing a lock on it. You will have to wrap it in a ‘database query . . .’ call

Asterisk Tutorial 26 - The Asterisk Database.

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