Dymamic routes module in v17

I just installed the v17 beta on Debian 12. Yay! I love Debian, so this is good to see (for me at least).

Only issue is that dynamic routes is not yet available as a module on v17. Is there a roadmap that I can use to see when features/modules will become available? I am not needing this for production, so no dire emergency.

I believe this is a community maintained module iirc. That means someone will have to submit a patch. I think there is enough usage of this that someone will.

Dynamic route module is now present in GitHub - FreePBX-ContributedModules/dynroute .

As such 17.0.1 version is available in edge but its not yet tested so may be you can try and if you find any issues then raise in Issues · FreePBX-ContributedModules/dynroute · GitHub.


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I reached out to the maintainer and he’s aware that 17 exists and that dynroute ver. 16.x is not currently working on FreePBX 17.

Cloning 17 from the repo above, and browsing to the dynroutes page shows this error:

SQLSTATE[HY093]: Invalid parameter number: number of bound variables does not match number of tokens
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John Fawcett, dynroutes maintainer has commits to a 17 branch that appears to be working on 17

GitHub - johnfawcett/dynroute-fork at release/17.0

I’ve done some very basic testing at this point, but no issues so far. Thanks @john2

dynroute v17.0.2 is available in edge to give a try. Thanks

fwconsole ma downloadinstall dynroute --edge --tag 17.0.2

I’ll give these a try.

Novice here. What is edge?

Please refer to https://sangomakb.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PG/pages/20318723/Edge+vs+Stable wiki

Thank you. I have it installed now.

It is broken though. What is the best process to feedback on the errors?

Sorry for all the questions. I am doing this mainly for skilling up on the AGI to hopefully replace Freepbx into existing 3CX sites.

Issues · FreePBX/issue-tracker · GitHub

As this module is community supported, prob the best place is here

Thanks for this. I did check before asking here. I clicked on the issues link in the module and it went nowhere, then I went to the fork and there was no issues link.

The links you posted here work fine. Not sure how you got there though.

Anyway, I have posted my issues. Thanks again.

I posted up 2 issues I found. One is a missing field on the dynamic routes data entry form and the other is WRT calling agi scripts.

@kgupta told me to check my PHP code from the command line as v8 is stricter, but I had already done this. I created a new script with two active lines. These were to instantiate an AGI object and then to do an AGI->verbose(“Hello World”). This script failed also.

Kapil has closed my ticket, so I suppose until someone with more programming cred than I reports it, it might stay broken.


// set up AGI env
$AGI = new AGI();

$AGI->verbose("Hello world");


As updated in AGI script does not appear to run in v17 edge module · Issue #7 · FreePBX-ContributedModules/dynroute · GitHub , Sample AGI script works fine for me.

It is resolved now. The PHP script worked from command line, but following @lgaetz directive to ensure the files do not have CRLF at ends of lines, I downloaded the files to my Windows PC and used Notepad++ to ensure all lines were in Linux format (LF only). I then uploaded that back to the server with SCP and the script ran from AGI OK.

I blamed Nano editor, but I created a small test file in nano and did a hexdump on it. This confirmed it was only adding LF to the end, so I can only assume that when transferring the scripts from the old v16 server to the new v17 server, I somehow allowed Windows to modify the files.

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