Duration of the ring call with Call Files

Dear all,

We wanna set the ringing duration for Call Files when our PBX call extensions (agent mobile).

We have a script for raising the ticket with the attachment of voice mail, and then PBX will call our Queue 310, where virtual extensions are linked with the mobile phones of the agents.

Part of the script, where PBX will call queue 310.

#Copy 310.call file to call queue 310 with agents mobile phones
cp -rf /home/asterisk/310.call /home/asterisk/send
mv /home/asterisk/send/310.call /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing/

Call File - 310.call

Channel: local/[email protected]
MaxRetries: 3
RetryTime: 15
WaitTime: 60
Context: off_hours_call
Extension: 20


Extension 20

#call file 310.call is calling queue 310 with mobile phones and after answering this script is playing voicemail
exten => 20,1,Answer()
exten => 20,n,Wait(2)
exten => 20,n,Playback(custom/OFF-hours-L1)
exten => 20,n,Playback(/home/asterisk/voicemail)
exten => 20,n,Wait(1)
exten => 20,n,Hangup()

Basically, all works fine, problem that we have is the ring time when our PBX called queue 310. We changed every field that we found that is correlated to the ring time (in Queue, Advanced Settings, call file), but every time when PBX called agent mobile, agent mobile ringed max 15-20 sec and stop, without retries.

Is it possible to extend the ring time of the agent’s mobile, and if no one picks up the phone to ring again?

Any information would be helpful .


update: we figure out that the longer the message the user leaves, the longer the phone will ring

Are you using FMFM for the mobile phones?


Hmm, to be honest, don’t know what FMFM means, they are just regular mobile phones.

Find me follow me. How does the PBX know to dial the mobile phones?

Your problem is likely that the Queue answers the call immediately and the call file announcement starts playing before agent phones even ring. If this is the only use of Queue 310, try setting Queue No Answer to Yes and test.

If this queue has other purposes, create a Ring Group as the call file target, with Play Music On Hold set to Ring.

If this is not your issue, please answer @comtech 's question in detail.

Hi, we configured a virtual extension and linked it to misc destination, in the call file we specify a queue that will be called, and in that queue are virtual extensions.

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